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Bakakis is atrocious defensively and not isnít good enough offensively to make up for the difference.

Donis, mitroglou have to be 2 of your starters. The rest of the offensive players should be played based on form including fortounis, pelkas, mantalos, lazaros and fetfatsidis

Bakasetas is another pile of garbage and only possesses a big shot.

Iíd rather see retsos at RB than bakakis. At least u r covered defensively. Itís unfortunate that holebas and skibbe hate each other because he is the best option at LB despite his age
#151 - August 10, 2018, 04:56:17 PM

Bakakis is getting a pretty bad wrap but I donít mind him at RB, offers much better attack than Retsos whoís a CB
#152 - August 11, 2018, 12:01:07 AM

Bakakis is a bit shaky for sure. Tsimikas is better going forward in my opinion. Lykogiannis should be given a chance. Retsos is injured. We also have Stafylidis.

Our problem is at midfield. Has been for many years now. Kourbelis dosen't cut it for me. Zeca is one option. Whoever plays next to him won't be a difference to Samaris and Tachtsidis in my opinion. Id like to see Androutsos or Galanopoulos to be given a chance as they are fast.
#153 - August 11, 2018, 12:02:44 AM

I think at keeper we now have 5-6 options. This is great. Vlahodimos started in Benfica's 1-0 win over Fenerbahce. Kapino is now at Werder Bremen, where no doubt he'll improve. Karnezis will likely remain number #1 unless he loses his place at Napoli.

I don't like our defensive options on the wings and I don't like our options in the middle. These are weak points for sure.

On the offensive midfield end, things are little clearer now. Tachtsidis needs to find himself still. Ninis is out of the picture. Fetfatzidis and Kone are only getting back from the wilderness, so time will tell. Mantalos is out injured. That leaves three options; Pelkas, Lazaros, and Fortounis. They're all in good spirits and form. That much is clear.

Up front, we have Donis, Mitroglou, and Karelis. We look alright here, but it's not crystal clear who should start. Even Mitroglou is someone I now doubt. Unless he can pick-up form I'm not convinced he should start, but he's the most clinical of the three. Karelis and Donis can at least cover ground really well. Donis can work the channels. Karelis is more of the target man between the two. We'll wait and see here I think.
#154 - August 11, 2018, 07:18:38 PM

I think with Retsos at RB our right side becomes more stable than Bakakis. Our midfield and flanks always get beaten and then our CBs have to save the day many times.

Stafylidis by now should have the experience due to the age and game time he has to better defensively. Lykogiannis should be given a chance to see what he has got.

With our midfield there isn't much we can do. Samaris and Tachtsidis are not consistent enough to hold down a permanent position. This is our problem. If they were more consistent and provided more presence than we wouldn't be talking about this.

We have many wing and attacking midfield options. I feel the same way about Mitroglou. I don't think he should start but is the most clinical. I don't know if Lazaros is the answer. I would like him to be but who knows if he can play like the way he has for Greece.
#155 - August 12, 2018, 01:25:45 AM

I think Samaris needs to gain a regular place and Tachtsidis needs to find a team where he'll see regular action. Alternatively, Mantalos could maybe fill in at a deeper role in the midfield to add a little more technical quality, but he's unfit ATM. The other names I've seen bandied around I know little about. Galanopoulos might be one to watch, but his two yellows in quick succession against Celtic doesn't do him any good. Androutsos probably not due to lack of experience and playing time. Bouchalakis played against Luzern in OSFP's 4-0 win, so he's someone to keep in mind. Kourbelis has been around for some time and he's still quite young, he's captain at PAO, he's come through the youth ranks, and he knows Zeca best. Between them all, Kourbelis is the one probably best placed to stake a claim for a place in the starting eleven, at least as things stand.

Given what we have available right now, we're probably better suited to a 4-2-3-1 formation. In a 4-2-3-1, we'd probably suit up as follows:


Torosidis, Tzavellas and Tziolis are probably the options Skibbe might choose over the three question marks. The biggest question mark ATM is at LB. Tsimikas put in a good performance recently in that 4-0 win over Luzern and might be given a go. Lykogiannis is playing Series A now, so he's another option for sure. I think he's the one to play now that Stafylidis is out injured.

Stafylidis is the designated player of choice I think for the long haul at LB. It looks like they're grooming him to become a key player for Greece in the future and so he might just yet hold his place unless someone else can really make it their own. He's played against very good sides like Man City and Bayern last season. He was at Leverkusen early in his career. It's very obvious there's a bit at stake in his development.

I think everywhere else, these players have made a strong enough case, on past and/or recent form, to stake a place in the Greek eleven. This to me looks like Greece's eleven in September. That said,  I still think we must switch to three at the back at some point and sort ourselves out in time for the Euros.
#156 - August 12, 2018, 02:45:32 AM

only a few more days till nations league kickoff for the patrida. sept 8th!

I'd do this right now


pelkas fortounis lazaros

      mantalos zeca

??? sokratis  manolas   bakakis


why i like this line up

zeca mantalos = hard working duo.

lazaros/bakakis have good chem on the right hand side and are both in form

pelkas/fortounis = very good form

subs if chasing a goal

karelis for mitro

donis for pelkas

fetfa for lazaros or fortounis



only position i'm not sure of is LB right now. Holebas is no brainer but that's not gunna happen. Stafylidis next in line is injurd. Retsos i injured. Tzavellas's team just got pumped by Galatasaray 6-0. Tsimikas looks good but unproven. Since imo the rest of the lineup above seems fairly established I'd take a shot on Tsimikas. Skibbe will probably put Tzavellas or Torosidis which I don't hate the notion either I just hate more that Holebas one of the most in form Greek players atm is not starting. We don't and shouldn't have the luxury of leaving players of his quality out of the line up.

karnezis auto starting spot is also in question as a bunch of greek keepers are looking great. imo pasxalakis is the best greek keeper right now but karnezis hasn't done enough to lose his starting spot and I don't think we boot people out too easily or we'll have another Ranieri scenario. If Karnezis has one bad game for the NT though, he has to lose his spot now.

#157 - August 28, 2018, 05:28:07 PM


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